Our hectic and high speed world is full of new discoveries and opportunities, but sometimes there is little to no time left to recharge and replenish. Skin health is a reflection of both inner and outer balance and while we can maintain radiance through the use of creams and various facial treatments, the inner batteries are harder to recharge. There is an abundance of over the counter vitamins and supplements, but they all lack the ability to reach necessary concentration levels in the body for best results.

This is why IV vitamin therapy is an excellent way for our bodies to remain replenished and have a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. When administered through IV these essential vitamins and minerals will reach every single cell through the bloodstream for best efficacy. The amazing IV therapy NYC treatment will make you feel replenished and ready to tackle life’s challenges almost immediately!

What is IV Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy seems to be a too-good-to-be-true procedure that allows you to fight against issues like dehydration, migraines, depression and anxiety, fatigue, burnout, hangovers, aging, illness, allergies, and more. It can even be used if you simply want an energy boost. And the best part of all is that the results are guaranteed since your body will be able to directly absorb all the vitamins at once.

When you come in for your consultation, make sure that you explain to our professional what exactly you would like treatment for. This is because each concoction is tailored to suit your needs. For example, you may get IV therapy that contains vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, antioxidants, and more. You will be able to choose between a wide variety of packages that we offer. Then, your arm will be prepared for the IV to be administered. The entire process takes around 35 minutes. One needlestick is all it takes to get the good things flowing through your body.

You will begin to feel the effects immediately, with an even bigger boost in several hours. Since the results only last for a week, it is recommended that you come back for more IV vitamin therapy so you can get more benefits. You should notice clearer and smoother skin, more energy, a better mood, deeper sleep, a calmer attitude, hydration, and better immunity. It is, in essence, an all-around miracle therapy.

IV vitamins injection

IV Therapy Indications

  • IV Therapy for migraines: The vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes that are available in IV therapy will help you to stay hydrated and rejuvenated. IV therapy will help you to get fast relief for your chronic migraines.
  • IV Therapy for increased energy levels & immunity: Direct vitamin delivery at the cellular level will supercharge your body and make your more resistant to stress of our seemingly non-stop daily challenges.
  • IV Therapy for skin: IV therapy is a great option if you have tired, dull, dehydrated skin so you can have a fresh and radiant appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about IV Therapy

What are the IV therapy pros and cons?

Of course, the best part of IV therapy is that you are guaranteed to get larger doses of each nutrient because they will be delivered through the bloodstream, completely circumventing the digestive tract, potential issues with absorption, and more. For example, you might only absorb 5 grams of vitamin C if you take an oral supplement, but you can absorb 70 grams with IV therapy. It is the perfect way for you to boost your immunity, energy levels and as a result to improve your overall health.
You need to keep in mind that IV vitamin therapy must be administered on a regular basis. And for maximum effectiveness, the solution needs to be injected into your bloodstream via a vein in your arm, which may not sound that pleasant for some people.

How much does IV vitamin therapy cost?

The cost of IV vitamin therapy will depend on what you would like to achieve, what ingredients will be included in your personal concoction, and how complex the treatment will be. Come by Skinly Aesthetics clinic in New York for your personal consultation where we will give you some of the most competitive prices in the city!

What are IV vitamin therapy benefits?

IV therapy allows you to get higher cellular levels of a particular vitamin, nutrient, mineral, or other substance than you would if you were to take oral supplements. This is because the substance is directly injected into your bloodstream instead of going through the digestive tract. It is guaranteed to give you an instant energy boost and maintain your health at its best in the long term. Additionally, the treatment will be customized in accordance with what you need, so the sky is the limit here.

What are the IV therapy side effects?

Since this is a completely safe treatment that involves the injection of natural nutrients into your bloodstream, the only reported side effects are individual intolerance and minimal bruising if any at the IV insertion site.

When will I feel the results?

You will notice a spike in mood and energy immediately, with full effects taking place in the next few days.

How long will the effects last?

If the super charged IV vitamin therapy is administered on a regular basis you will experience long lasting results such as increased energy levels, boosted immunity, elevated mood, and radiant and silky skin.