As we age our faces and bodies lose healthy fat and tissue volume and our own natural collagen breaks down. This can result in an older appearing skin and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. While the aging process is an inevitable one, scientific advances in cosmetic medicine and dermatology have allowed for rejuvenating practices that can reverse signs of aging such as volume loss and wrinkle formation and improve one’s overall appearance using dermal filler rejuvenation. Dermal fillers are a commonly used minimally invasive treatment that offer safe and effective results. One of the most popular dermal fillers used for these purposes is Radiesse, which is a calcium based microsphere used to correct wrinkles, add volume, and rejuvenate specific areas of the face, neck, and hands.

Face lifts and other forms of invasive plastic surgery are gradually beginning to grow old as minimally and non-invasive facial rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse are beginning to take over the field of cosmetic medicine to rejuvenate the skin, replace lost volume, and eliminate and prevent common signs of aging. This does not only apply to the face, but other areas of the body, even the hands.

If you are looking for a solution to your signs of aging, as an expert in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, injectables, and laser treatments, Dr. Schwarzburg is here to help.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler made of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which stimulates your own collagen production and creates volume in the injected treatment area through a process called collagenosis. In addition to the collagen that increases volume and tightens the skin, the physical filler itself offers immediate volumizing effects. Radiesse is used in multiple treatment areas including the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, Radiesse for neck, buttocks, and the dorsal surface of the hands. Patients tend to notice significant differences with Radiesse filler before and after their treatment, with a rejuvenated and refreshed outcome.

Radiesse injections NYC
Under Eyes, cheeks, smile lines, lips, chin - before and after photo

Does Radiesse Treatment Build Collagen?

Once injected into the treatment area, your skin cells grow around the hydroxyapatite particles and stimulate your own collagen production through collagenosis, which continues on far beyond the initial treatment. The results will last you 9 months to one year or longer.

Who makes Radiesse cosmetic filler?

Radiesse NYC was FDA approved in 2006 to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and in 2015 to rejuvenate the hands. It is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics, which is also known for its production of Xeomin, Belotero, and Ultherapy. Only board certified doctors are able to order radiesse for treatment.

What is Radiesse used for?

Radiesse is FDA approved to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to rejuvenate the hands. For most treatment areas, Radiesse is hyper diluted with saline solution and lidocaine to achieve a smoother result and additional Radiesse skin tightening. Hyper Diluted Radiesse is typically used in the hands, neck, jaw, and temples. So what is Radiesse best for? While Radiesse can be used in other areas of the face, because it is not a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler and is not dissolvable, making it irreversible until the results wear off. In most cases when it comes to facial fillers, hyaluronic acid based fillers are preferred. In the hands, undiluted Radiesse is used to rejuvenate the skin and replace lost volume caused by aging as well as overall wear and tear from daily tasks.

In the face, Radiesse is commonly used around the jawline as it is a slightly denser and “harder” filler, making it ideal to imitate the appearance of a jawline. While using Radiesse for a cheek filler or Radiesse for under eyes can be done, it is not ideal as there are several hyaluronic acid based fillers that are better suited for such treatment areas. Radiesse before and after results for under eyes are typically not as successful as that of a hyaluronic acid based filler. If you are wondering “do cheek fillers stretch skin?” the answer varies but generally, no. Cheek fillers are meant to replace lost volume, in which case they will only fill out volume that had already been there. In very rare cases if radiesse injections in cheeks are completely overfilled, the skin can stretch, but it is uncommon. Radiesse for cellulite is also effective at times, depending on the severity of the cellulite.

For wrinkles, stretch marks, crepiness, and fine lines, hyperdilute Radiesse is used to stimulate collagen production and improve the overall quality and appearance of the skin in the Radiesse neck, decollage, and buttocks.

Radiesse for Butt Enhancement

When used as a non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift, Radiesse is injected into the buttocks not only for an increase in volume, but to tighten and smooth the skin, and lift and shape the buttocks and hips. Radiesse is commonly used to fill in hip dips that are a frequent “problem area” for patients. Because it is minimally invasive, it is often preferred over an invasive traditional Brazilian Butt Lift, which includes surgical intervention and several weeks of post surgical downtime. While a Radiesse butt lift is subtle, it provides an instant lift immediately after the initial treatment, and continues to grow for several weeks following the treatment, as collagen production is stimulated. Radiesse is often compared to Sculptra, which is a more common non surgical butt lift that involves the injection of Poly-L-lactic acid into the buttocks. Sculptra is not instant, but provides more superior results when it comes to a butt lift, once results begin to show after one month. They are similar in the sense that both stimulate collagen production, however, Sculptra results go far beyond those of Radiesse butt lifts.

Radiesse butt injections

More Benefits of Radiesse

Because calcium hydroxyapatite is naturally present in the body, there is a very low risk of side effects such as allergic reactions. After the injection, there is no down time and you can return back to your regular daily routines without having to take time off from work or other obligatory daily tasks. Patients typically do not experience any adverse side effects with Radiesse fillers before and after their treatments.

How does Radiesse Treatment work?

The overall Radiesse face filler Treatment process is quick and relatively painless. Before your treatment, you will be scheduled for a one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg in which you can discuss your questions, concerns, problem areas, and treatment options. During your consultation Dr. Schwarzburg will collect information on your medical history and additional factors such as your physical anatomy and current skincare regimen to help him determine the optimal treatment plan for you. All the information collected during your consultation is extremely important for Dr. Schwarzburg to establish which filler and injection technique is appropriate to achieve your desired results.

Before your treatment you should avoid any blood thinner such as aspirin to reduce the risk of bruising, which can be expected with any injectable treatment. Before the injection process, the treatment area will be cleaned and properly sanitized to avoid risk of infection and Dr. Schwarzburg will inject the Radiesse underneath the surface of your skin. Depending on the treatment area, topical numbing cream containing lidocaine will be applied 15 minutes prior to the injection. Because Radiesse contains small amounts of lidocaine, the treatment itself will be overall more tolerable than dermal fillers that do not contain lidocaine. After your treatment you will be provided with an ice pack to reduce swelling, and you may continue with regular activities as desired. If you bruise the following day, we recommend applying a warm compress to reduce the bruising and speed up the healing process. Also be sure to avoid strenuous exercise and intense exposure to sun for two days after your treatment.

What to expect after Radiesse Treatment

Once Dr. Schwarzburg has finished your treatment, you should be able to recognize an increase in volume immediately. As collagen is produced in the body, the increase in volume should continue for the following weeks after the treatment for full results. These results will last you anywhere from 9 months to one year. Hyperdilute Radiesse will achieve soft and very natural looking results, leaving you looking more rejuvenated and refreshed after each treatment. As with all dermal fillers, there is a possibility of swelling and bruising after the treatment, which will subside on their own over the course of 3 – 7 days. You may apply an ice pack on the first day to reduce the swelling, and follow with a warm or hot compress the following day should you experience any signs of bruising.

Is Radiesse Permanent?

Radiesse results are temporary and will last you anywhere from 9 months to 1 year. In order to maintain your results, Dr. Schwarzburg suggests yearly follow up appointments to touch up the filler that has been metabolized by the body. Because Radiesse is not a hyaluronic acid based filler, it is not dissolvable, meaning that you will keep your results until the filler is naturally metabolized by the body.

How long does Radiesse last?

If you are wondering with Radiesse filler, how long it lasts, the answer is quite simple. Typically the results of Radiesse can last anywhere from 9 months to one year and occasionally even beyond the one year mark. Dr. Schwarzburg suggests yearly follow ups or a touch up every 9 – 12 months to maintain your results without allowing them to fully fade.

How long is Radiesse moldable?

Once Dr. Schwarzburg has administered the injections, he massages the treatment area to mold the filler and to avoid accumulation of the filler in one area, which could cause bumps and lumps in the treated region. Swelling in the treatment area may cause the treatment area to feel hard, however this hardness will fade over the course of the following days after the treatment. Radiesse is known to soften over the course of the first few weeks after the initial treatment.

Can Radiesse filler be dissolved?

The majority of dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based and can be dissolved using hyaluronidase injections. Radiesse is not hyaluronic acid based and is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, which is not dissolvable. Because Radiesse not only works through general filler based volume, and instead also stimulates collagen production, the filler is not dissolvable. Filler removal is not uncommon when it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers, but because Radiesse is not dissolvable, it is best to get your treatment from a highly rated doctor. This is why it is extremely important to get your Radiesse injections administered by an experienced and board certified medical professional such as Dr. Schwarzburg, who along with several years of experience in the field of cosmetic medicine, injectables, and lasers, also puts his patient’s comfort and individual needs before anything. Dr. Schwarzburg prioritizes natural looking results to bring out his patient’s natural beauty and to reduce and eliminate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds, as well as rejuvenate the overall appearance of the skin. If you do have any Radiesse problems, Dr. Schwarzburg will be able to identify the issue and treat you accordingly.

Radiesse side effects / problems

Just like any other dermal filler, Radiesse may have some common mild side effects such as swelling, redness, and bruising around the overall treatment area and injection sites. While these side effects typically diminish over the course of the week following the treatment, Dr. Schwarzburg will provide his patients with an ice pack to apply to the treatment area immediately after the treatment is complete. On the day after the initial treatment, you may also apply a warm compress to the areas that show signs of bruising, to decrease bruising and speed up the healing process.

If you are wondering “Is Radiesse safe?” then the answer to your question is yes. Radiesse has been FDA approved for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds in the face, as well as to rejuvenate the hands. As long as you are getting your Radiesse treatment administered by a board certified and experienced medical professional, to avoid or reduce the risk of the side effects associated with any dermal filler injections.

A less common and severe side effect can occur when the filler is injected by an inexperienced injector into a blood vessel, which can result in an increased risk for cellulitis, submucosal nodules, or necrosis, which is the death of tissue. You can look up radiesse complications photos to see what some side effects may look like.

Dr. Schwarzburg is deemed one of the best injectors in New York due to his medical background as well as years of experience in the field of cosmetic medicine. His number one priority is the safety and comfort of his patients, making Skinly Aesthetics one of the best NYC medical spas to visit.

Is Radiesse better than Juvederm?

There is no single filler that is better than the other. Both Radiesse and Juvederm are excellent dermal fillers to rejuvenate and refresh the face, reduce and eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and folds, and to replace fat and tissue volume loss. However, the two fillers are completely different and are used for different purposes. Juvederm comes in many different forms and is a hyaluronic acid based filler. It is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss primarily in the face. Juvederm can be used to add volume under the eyes and cheeks to rejuvenate and refresh one’s appearance, but can also be used in the forehead, temples, nasolabial folds, lips, jawline, and chin. In some cases Juvederm is also used in the neck for rejuvenating effects, as well as to treat deep scars. Patients often see significant improvement with Radiesse acne scars before and after the treatment, as acne scars commonly are inverted making them easier to fill in. Radiesse for scars may also be successful as long as the treatment is administered by a trained and experienced medical professional. Radiesse tear trough fillers are typically not used unless Dr. Schwarzburg absolutely thinks that it would benefit his patient. Depending on the treatment area and Dr. Schwarzburg’s professional opinion, either Juvederm or Radiesse can be used. Radiesse is more common in areas such as the hands, as it is specifically FDA approved to rejuvenate the hands.

Can Radiesse be combined with other treatments?

Radiesse can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments. Depending on the patient’s goal, for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation, Dr. Schwarzburg often combines Radiesse injections with Botox to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Radiesse is also frequently combined with medical grade skin tightening treatments such as Secret RF microneedling and Fraxel laser, to enhance collagen production and improve the quality of the skin. Radiesse does not have any negative side effects when combined with other treatments, so based on each individual patient’s needs, Dr. Schwarzburg will create a customized treatment plan for each of his patients.

How much does Radiesse cost?

The cost of Radiesse varies depending on the amount of filler needed, the treatment area, and the qualifications and skill level of your injector. The cost may also depend on your geographical location, for example, a board certified cosmetic surgeon in NYC will likely charge more than a nurse in Upstate New York. On average, one syringe of Radiesse costs anywhere from $800 – $1200.

Radiesse is a dermal filler commonly used to treat wrinkles and folds and to rejuvenate the skin in the face, neck, and hands. It can also be used to increase volume in certain areas of the body, and is proven to be safe and effective as approved by the FDA. It is very important to get your Radiesse injections administered by a skilled and experienced board certified medical professional such as Dr. Schwarzburg. With several years of experience and a wide variety of patients at his boutique medical spa located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York, Dr. Schwarzburg possesses the skill and experience to perform Radiesse treatments successfully and safely on his patients. Dr. Schwarzburg is adamant about the safety and comfort of his patients and thus, takes his time before, during, and after the procedure to discuss every aspect of the procedure with his patients to ensure optimal and satisfactory results. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg, please contact us at Skinly Aesthetics at, or call or text us at (212) 774-4264.